My Backyard: Spring A Season of Transformation & Restoration

I have said it several times of late - Spring is just such a delightful season.

Having had several months of cold, rain, sickness prevalent as part and parcel of the winter season experience, Spring as it enfolds, brings evidence of life and growth in the garden into being.

Raspberry canes that were once stark, are now gradually being clothed in leaves. What looked barren and lifeless, is now full of colour, texture, aroma, movement and life. The garden is revealing it's hidden winter activity. While it seemingly slept, preparations for Spring, for fullness, for productivity, were quietly getting ready to happen.

With children and the elderly particularly, as many of you will know, Winter can be a tough season on the health front.

Coughs, colds, throat and ear infections.... all forms of nasty winter viruses seem to come again and again in an ongoing cycle.

It can be tough, tiring, in fact exhausting, for many families over the winter months. In some instances, hospitalisations occur. Winter can be a difficult and challenging season for both the young and the old.

Spring of course, is not necessarily the most balanced of seasons with regard to weather. It can be a mix of brilliant warm sun shiny days, that almost make you think summer is coming early. Yet in the next moment it seems it is back to chilly winds, copious rain fall and the all too familiar greyness of what seems to be a never ending winter.

Yet as you look about you, there is more and more evidence that Spring is a season of activity, light and colour.

Blossoms have been joined by leaf buds, and leaf buds have in turn given way to actual unfurling leaves. Trees are waking up from their winter slumber it would seem, to become great chandeliers of colour out in the landscape.

I am keenly enjoying seeing Spring keep moving along and do it's seasonal transformation in greater entirety, as each week passes.

To feel more consistency, in the day's temperature will be wonderful. To have the winds more friendly with warmth to them, rather than a biting chill, will be fantastic. Each passing week of Spring brings more of those very seasonal changes.

To not only see evidence of Spring, but to feel it, sense it, be able to touch it's warmth more and taste it's impact in the garden more and more, as each day passes is lovely.

This week's Moon Calendar:

Weather permitting according to the current moon calendar, it is a great time to do further weeding, cultivating, pruning and harvesting through until Sunday 29 September.

I hope to do just that over the next day or so. There are areas of our garden that have some wonderful produce ready for harvesting - they just need to be located again from amongst all the evident weeds!

From Monday 30 September until Tuesday 1 October root crops can be sown. I am particular keen to look at sowing more carrot seed, as well as onions, so it will be good to get on to that early in the coming week.

From Wednesday 2 October through to Monday 7th October, time can be spent digging over the garden and preparing garden beds.

It will be great to get out in the garden again this week, as time and energy allows and see some of the ongoing transformation that is occurring.

It is so good to see seedlings come about, where seed was previously sown in bare garden beds. There is greater and greater variety establishing itself now, in both the vegetable garden and the flower garden.

Such colour! Such visual texture! Such a lovely restoration of visual ambience along the street verge, as well as the actual private garden.

Thoughts are able to focus on planning the rotation of crops amongst the garden beds.

It is the season for new growth, new buds, new leaves, new life, transformation and restoration. Spring. Love it.

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