Encouragement Series (PART 1): You are Beloved.

Happy New Year, Dear Friends! 

Here at Household Logistics we are launching out into 2023 with a Spiritual Life blogpost series focused on "Encouragement." 

Encouragement it affects us on so many levels. We need it spiritually, we need it mentally, we need it emotionally. Encouragement is a core essential ingredient to daily life and it makes life so much richer, so much fuller and sweeter for us human beings here on Planet Earth!

May each of these words of encouragement for the beginning of 2023 bless and nurture those who may need it at this time.

Today's blogpost is focused on the following core and essential spiritual truth: YOU ARE BELOVED. 

You are beloved. Yes, you are! 

Stop. Pause and rest in this core, foundational spiritual truth totally for a time: You ARE beloved. The Mighty God and Creator of the Universe, the One who created all things, including you, considers YOU beloved. 

Let the truth of this statement and the core spiritual truth it contains, that you are indeed beloved, truly sink in and take root in your mind right now, today: You are beloved. YOU, yes you! 

You are beloved, and you need to let that sink in and soak deeply into your mind and soul from this very day.

You are BELOVED. SOAK in that truth. SOAK in it. Regardless of the past, regardless of what is going on even now in the present and regardless what may come across your path in the future, you are BELOVED. 

May today be the very day that this great spiritual truth, sink in and sweep over you, piece by little piece.

You are beloved. Let it soak deeply into the very marrow of your bones.

You are considered beloved by God the Most High. He who is your greatest advocate and greatest cheerleader, this very day, wants to have you grasp far better than ever before that you are indeed beloved. 

Soak in and be open to receiving His love for you: you are beloved. Let the truth that you are in fact beloved be heard and grasped within every nanoparticle of your being. You are very, very much BELOVED. 

Breathe in this truth. Breathe it in deeply. 

Let it rest over you, sit beside you, cloak and surround you totally from this very day. You are beloved.


Let today be the day that this finally becomes part of your core understanding of who you are and what your life is all about.

Take time to enjoy listening throughout the coming week to this wonderful song by Josh Feliz: Beloved

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