Vaccinate or Not Vaccinate............. that IS the question on the mind of all in 2021.

 Something to ponder:

There are going to be a LOT of people winding each up, across the whole planet, during 2021. ... "to vaccinate or not to vaccinate, that is the question..."
The best position???

The "RIGHT" decision? It is, in all wisdom, the one that IS most fitting for YOU alone, YOU alone, on all levels. Physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, chemically................ your decision must be made with the best of wisdom you can muster and the most fitting of knowledge gathering also.

YOU are vaccinating YOU, a separate, individual human being, not the bloke or gal next door.

YOU are choosing what happens to YOU, only YOU, when it comes to literally taking onboard any medicinal product such as a vaccine.

Make YOUR choice, make it from a thoroughly investigated, informed position, and then peacefully wish well those who choose eventually differently.
Disease and sicknesss are NORMAL in Human Society, and the Healthy have ALWAYS recovered.

Disease and sickness have historically been dealt with in a DIVERSE range of ways. That is a historical fact. It is also a scientific fact. It is also a medical fact. The facts speak well for themselves: that disease and sickness turn up in a diverse range of ways repeatedly throughout all of human history; and in turn they are always dealt with, in a diverse range of healing ways.

ONE option, when it comes to preventing as well as responding to disease and sickness, is not necessarily the blanket best option ever. As humans beings, we ARE each UNIQUELY ourselves.

YOU are unique. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, chemically. YOU are unique.

YOU have choice what comes in and out of your physical frame, because it is YOUR physical frame, and the only one you will have in your lifetime here on Planet Earth.
Your immune system, with the right support that is fitting for it, DOES respond to fighting off disease and sickness. Look at you. Notice the health and well-being that DOES exist in your life each day. You breathe, you interact with the world from the moment you wake, independently of an outside source of systems. YOU are a functioning living organism.
CHOOSE today (or whenever) and check if PEACE follows your thoroughly thought through decision.

There is NO USE in killing yourself with WORRY and CONCERN.

There is also NO POINT in labelling other Choicemakers 'ignorant' or 'careless'..... they have simply, and quite frankly, made a DIFFERENT choice to you.

That IS how Life IS on Planet Earth... there IS diversity in thinking and speaking and action. It is time for us all to be more tolerant and accepting; rather than repeatedly and arrogantly so presumptious and judgemental. The speck in your brother's eye is no where near as big as your own. We all full short of being perfect, right? Let's be better at being the better person we should each be.

Be peaceful in your decision making and leave others to make their choice peacefully also.

It is Just to do so.

Where do I personally sit, some have asked, on the vaccine stance???

I sit neutrally on the fenceline and keep MY choice to myself.

I do my absolutely upmost to keep myself clean and healthy, and I endeavour to interact extremely carefully and well with others. How I do that, is MY CHOICE, and MY RIGHT always.

You quietly make YOUR choice..................... and I will quietly make mine.

We can still choose to show LOVE and RESPECT to each other, regardless of our diversity of thinking and practice of life. There is NO LAW, absolutely no law whatsoever across the entirety of the Earth, against those human qualities.

"BLESSED are the PEACEMAKERS, THEY WILL be called "Children of God." This is written in a book with a good round dose of wisdom. This fact has never been altered: Planet Earth needs it's Peacemakers, RIGHT NOW, in 2021 and far beyond.

Keep silent (don't stir the pot unnecessarily ever!) and keep safe.


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