Pantry Organization

My latest home organization project is finally completed and I am thrilled with the results. Not only does the pantry look so much better overall, it is functioning so much better on the organization front.

I have posted a video over at the Household Logistics Youtube Channel about this latest organization project, and here is the link for those that are interested in seeing it: Food Pantry Organization.

If you like the video, please give it a thumbs up. I am hoping to do more organization videos soon, sharing the other areas of the kitchen I will be going on to reorganizing, so do think about subscribing if you want to see those videos also.

Magazine holders have proven to be my go-to-item for corralling a range of items like recipe books, the kit for cheesemaking, etc on the top shelf of the reorganized pantry. I purchased these particular holders from KMart and I really love the way they have worked out for doing this particular component of the reorganization.

Here is a link to the actual products used, for those that are interested: KMart White Magazine Holder and KMart Grey Magazine Holder.

I then used my label maker to do the various labels on each magazine holder. I really love how it now looks visually uniform, and as I need to get down any particular item the whole magazine holder container is very easily removed to enable me to access the collection of contents now contained within it.

An expandable shelving system has helped no end to tidy up how we store canned items in the pantry. It has made everything so much easier to see and each items is that bit more accessible now also. It is so much easier to see what we have at any given time. This tiered shelving system was one I got from Storage Box. Here is the link to the product that was used: Madesmart Expandable 3 Tier Shelf.

A Lazy Susan Turntable has helped corral the various cooking oils and vinegars in the pantry, and I am delighted with how well it is working out having this now set up and in place. 

This particular unit was a two storeyed one, but I decided to dismantle it for now and just use the lower storey. Here is the link to this particular product: Madesmart 2 Tier Turntable. Here is the link to a one tier turntable also: Madesmart 1 Tier Turntable, which is just slightly smaller in diameter.

I made the decision to move from using plastic storage containers for dry good storage some time ago. Step by step, I have gradually replaced what I had, and I am really pleased with the result now achieved. 

As a single income family, it takes that bit longer to be able to purchase things like these containers, because I can only just get one or two containers each payday as money allows. Still, with the goal in place, and with a little patience and perseverance, it worked out that I could still achieve my goal of the pantry makeover over time. These particular glass containers (those shown in the above photograph) were purchased from The Warehouse. 

I really like the fact with glass products I can see quickly at a glance just how much of any particular dry good is onhand. It is visually appealing also to see all the various colours and shapes of the rice and pasta, etc, so overall this means of storing dry goods is proving to be one that I am pleased to have set now in place.

Here is a link to a similar product that is still currently available at The Warehouse: Glass Storage Jar. Please note that the link is to a jar that is slightly smaller than those used in my own pantry makeover.

In the above photograph you can see I have used a slightly different and larger glass jar to house larger quantities of such dry goods as flour, pasta, rolled oats, etc. Here is a link to a jar that is similiar to that I used to store these. These storage jars are still currently available from Briscoes. Here is the link: Fido Glass Storage Jars.

If you want to check out more about this makeover project, do click on the link provided above and go on over to see the video detailing what was done. We are all pleased with how the project has turned out, and it was well worthworth putting the time and effort required into achieving it this past year.

Until next time, Happy Home-making Everyone!

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