The $1,000 Plan: Day Twenty

It's Day Twenty of The $1,000 Plan and today I am feeling frustrated and angry and not so positive about the day to day aspects I am personally having to undertake. My daily workload has greatly increased with all the additional cooking & cleaning I have been doing these past twenty days for our household, from breakfast through to dinner, and I am finding it increasingly repetitive, monotonous and most definitely draining. Today I am not at all enthused about doing any further cooking.

Doing day to day cooking is not something I have ever enjoyed, and prior to The $1,000 Plan my husband did most of the cooking (but sadly without much actual planning being put into it).

In order to try and make the financial breakthrough that was needed, I took on all the cooking and meal prepping, and it gradually has become more and more of an extra burden to deal with each & every day. With the additional thought being put in to make it work better, I am increasingly more tired at the end of any given week, and I am still not completely relieved of my current bout of bronchitis, which is also not helping.

I feel like I am now always thinking about what can be next created from what is in the freezer or pantry. The novelty of thinking about pretty much each and every meal, and going through the ongoing repetitive motions of making them all from scratch, with whatever is onhand.... I am quite sick of it today to be honest.

I spent time yesterday, (alongside making a large batch of soup, as well as a large batch of bone broth), making a cheesecake as a special treat and on cutting it today, (to top off my general sense of increasing frustration and tiredness), the cheesecake collapsed, having clearly not set properly.

I honestly just want to throw the whole thing, plus the plate it is on, into the rubbish tin!! What should have been a special treat, has instead left me feeling extra frustrated and angry, because of what else is going on around me to cause me to experience frustration and anger.

It is Day Twenty and in ten days time, we will be at Day Thirty, yet some habits and behavioural choices clearly have not been yet properly addressed personally by some household members, so they are not a continually growing source of frustration and annoyance.

It is frustrating having to police the same unhelpful habits people engage in, and which require addressing, over and over again, in order for them to be pointedly accounted for. It takes more than ONE person in a household to make a financial difference for a household, and today that has been very, very clear.

For instance, how much common sense does it take to comprehend that sitting in a room with three overhead lights on, compared to sitting within a room with ONE overhead light on, makes more savings sense?

Likewise, this evening someone had lit the fire in the living area fireplace with what little burnable fuel we currently have onhand, yet no one were even in the very same area of the house as the fireplace. Instead, everyone was off in completely different areas of the house, including the garage, with all the doors left open!

How can such wastefulness not be glaringly obvious to all?


Perhaps it is time to simply put on one's pyjamas and call it a day, because I am clearly not getting through the day, resting "blissfully on a happy cloud", with little concern for what is going on around me today due to the choices others make. Perhaps Day Twenty-one will prove to be lighter and brighter on the financial breakthrough front, and also more of a 'glass half full' kind of day. Let's hope so.

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