The $1,000 Plan: Day Thirteen

"It will fail." "It costs too much." "There are expenses." There are numerous excuses that can be tabled at any given point as to why people do not bother to make financial breakthroughs on the savings goal front. It is Day Thirteen of The $1,000 Plan and today's blogpost is about why there will always be excuses and why making a choice to achieve a financial goal is just that: a choice, a constructive, habit-shattering, positive life changing choice.

For years I have endeavoured to discuss with my husband about working towards saving for a holiday. Years ago (far more years in fact than I really want to count) I suggested the idea of putting aside even a dollar (or maybe five) each payday, and repeatedly there have been excuses upon excuses tabled back, as to why this can not be done, and why the hoped for holiday has to date never eventuated.

Over the years I have also endeavoured to discuss and table some innovative options and alternatives for having additional sources of income, and repeatedly there has been projected back to me the response that it will fail and prove to be costly, rather than be actually beneficial.

And so in turn, what could have possibly been trailled and tried was never even given much daylight, simply because fear, habits of behaviour, and a tonne of miscommunication around finances & how they were being handled, continually ruled the roost.

With this blanket of failure, and lack of financial breakthrough, things that could have and should have been addressed have gone on and on for more years than I would ever have chosen, and the outcome has not been particular sweet or healthy on the financial front for our household at all.

No one can ensure you achieve your goals other than you. No one can choose to make your dreams or your visions a reality, other than you. No one will have the same conviction or the same desire to make your wishes come true, other than you.

You have to believe in you. Period. End of story. If you want to achieve a savings goal to set up a small business, to go on a dreamed about holiday, or any number of other hoped for options that can at times come across one's mind.... you and only you are the person who can be relied upon to make it happen and come to fruition.

Achieving a hoped for savings goal comes down to choice. You can choose to put as much away as possible into a savings account, or you can blow it all from payday to payday.

You can choose to save as little as one simple dollar, and see your savings build up gradually over time, or you can claim it is too hard, will take too long, and just never make the effort at all.

Achieving The $1,000 Plan is currently the choice before me personally. I am doing all I can to make every dollar count. I am choosing to rethink and carefully look at alternatives on the food menu front, in order to free up what money would normally have been spent, for instance, on copious boxes of cereal and the like for breakfasts.

I am choosing to seek out recipes that make half a kilogram of beef mince go further for several dinners and not just one. I am weighing up how best to make the most of what is still lurking in the chest freezer for each and every meal time, with as much shrewdness and creativity on the meal making front as I possibly can.

I am doing what I can, where I can, to make the most of each and every dollar that comes my way as the grocery buyer, the meal maker and the feeder of my household.

All this and more, is currently being undertaken because I have made the conscious choice to embrace believing and trusting in my ability to achieve. I have made the conscious positive choice to do some things very differently, and try and get a better financial outcome than has been experienced for some considerable time.

It IS challenging when those around you don't necessarily want to embrace change. They want to stick with the familiar and what is just plain old habitual. It is challenging, and yet it is a case of choosing to determinedly stick to the vision, and keep holding on and not simply give in or even give up.

You really do have to believe in you, and you have to quietly keep holding fast to a belief that you will not fail, so that the words or even deeds of others will not sabotage you once again.

Believe in yourself, and your God given abilities. Believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and a financial breakthrough can and will be achieved. Do not just take onboard failure because someone else has chosen to speak it over your circumstances. Believe in yourself and make a constructive plan and step out into it, as best as you possibly can.

The last few weeks have had their share of ups and downs, and overall I have managed to ride out the various challenges that have come my way. Creativity and innovation are gifts, and there will always be those that only see the problems and give up far too easily, when it comes to scouting out more than one potential solution.

Nothing ever changes, no one ever achieves breakthroughs, when doubt and fear are kept enthroned as dictators in one's life for how things should go, going forward.

I for one believe God has a future and a hope for me, and I just need to prayerfully seek out what it is, and how best to get it. There are more than one way to approach problems that arise on the homefront, particularly when it comes to getting a financial breakthrough. Having faith and belief in yourself goes a long way to seeing the glass half full, and not just always repeatedly seeing it as being half empty.

Believe in yourself. Step by step, it does not matter how long it takes, you can achieve your hoped for goal if you keep your head down, creativity flowing, and perseverance at the forefront of your thinking. The $1,000 Plan could soon become an even bigger plan............ let's go for it.

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