The $1,000 Plan: Day Eighteen

It is Day Eighteen of the $1,000 Plan and we are most definitely over half way! It seems a while now since the goal of saving $1,000 within 4 - 6 weeks was set, and with each passing day we are steadily getting closer and closer to achieving the actual goal.

One of the very first things all those days ago that had to undergo transformation was mindset. It is interesting how habitual some behaviours and daily choices can be. Where once upon a time a good percentage of our grocery bill was spent on breakfast cereal and dairy products, now we do not even give having such for breakfast a second thought.

Everyone has expressed enjoyment of the main meals we have cooked over the last eighteen days. Where I once upon a time would go in and do a major grocery shopping haul, now I am only purchasing exactly what is needed as it is actually required, in order to supplement what is in the chest freezer, fridge or pantry to make any given meal.

We have got so much better about being conscious about our electricity usage since we set out on The $1,000 Plan journey. Rather than have people scattered all around the house using multiple electrical light sources, now there is more thought about trying to use the same light source and whether additional overhead electrical lighting is really even needed.

It is simple things that can help make a difference when working towards a specific savings goal. Choosing to use homemade cleaning products, or purchase cheaper generic branded items, has helped to bring costs down. Doing bulk cooking, so several meals are prepared at once, has helped time-wise, energy-wise and cost-wise. Considering what errands we can run on the way to and from picking up my husband from the train station........................ these are all positive, constructive budget-friendly choices that are helping us at present financially, plus time-wise and energy-wise.

Setting a financial goal in some ways is easy. What is challenging is the willingness to face what may need to be changed and to follow through on those very changes. So far I think we have done quite well. However, there may well be still things in the coming weeks we find which also may need to be given further thought. The $1,000 Plan is closer to be achieved, both day by day, and dollar by saved dollar.

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