A Sneak Peek at a Master Bedroom Closet Makeover

While sorting laundry today I worked a little in the master bedroom closet, reorganizing items with storage totes. The totes just need their labels & then they will be all good-to-go!
I am making a big effort to get all drawers, closets and cupboards about the house as clutter-free and as organized as I possibly can. 
I am hoping this will prove to be the key, to achieving the break-through on the home organizing front that I am aiming to achieve.

My theory is: If I thoroughly sort the 'unseen' places, the 'seen' places should come together so much better. 
Here's a peek at a shelf that's looking a little prettier now. Yay!
Do you approach organizing this way? Has it worked out well for you? How do you like to corral items in the closet areas of your home? Please leave a comment & feel free to share some storage solutions you have found worked well for your household closet organization projects.

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