When Your Reputation Is Unjustly Attacked

Has someone bad mouthed you and got caught out? Sometimes people hide their own inadequacies by taking a pot shot at those who ARE able to do what they cannot do.
They tell themselves that they could be doing what you are doing or would be doing what you are doing, if only they were prepared to be as difficult to live with/difficult to work with/as arrogant/ as ruthless/as unwilling to submit to leadership/as unwilling to toe the line/as manipulative/as stubborn/as uncooperative/as big a troublemaker, etc as you are.
Your reputation is unjustly attacked and you are left stunned, wondering why it was done. Your reputation is subjected to someone's attack behind your back and those hearing the attack were left with a distorted picture of what really occurred or who you are. Your reputation is attacked and the attacker endeavours to make it look like what is said is true, because of their timing and method of attack.
It hurts, doesn't it?
It hurts and it leaves you feeling astounded, saddened and over time anger can build, if you let your responding feelings go on without check.
When your reputation is unjustly attacked, when words are spoken about you that are not true or accurate in depiction, you can be set up to start to doubt yourself. This IS one of the more sinister points behind an attack on your reputation by another. They are intentionally endeavouring to profile you as being untrustworthy, unreliable, uncooperative. All the while, at the heart of their purpose is a desire to knock you down, so they can lift themselves up instead.
You are none of those things they have said. They are simply unwilling to face their own envy. They are simply wanting to wallow in their own lame excuses and to make you the scapegoat for why they are where they are at, compared to where you are at.
When your reputatioin is unjustly attacked you can be left spinning and wondering what do I do now? When your reputation is unjustly attacked you can be left wondering what do I say now? You can feel somewhat at a loss as to how to do further damage control. You can be left perplexed as to how best to avoid providing further fuel for your slanderers attack. Just what can and should you do next can become an all consuming and disrupting interruption to your life and your work.
What should you do? Maintain your integrity. Remain calm and continue to take pride in what you do. Maintain your course. Hold your rudder steady. These choppy waters they have thrown up behind you are nothing. They have no actual bearing on who you are, or what you do. 
When your reputation is unjustly attacked choose to keep on with your business. They will eventually cook in their own stew. Some call it karma. I call it God's natural and divine law. 
Their attack on your reputation is their business not your business. You are further ahead and along the track..... and everyone else actually knows that. Just. keep. sailing.
If the opportunity is there to forward and table a formal written statement to refute the allegations, do it. Do it as objectively as you possible can. If the opportunity is there, practise your right to defend your reputation, and do so as calmly and logically as you can. Keep emotions always in check. Your attacker wants to disempower you, and losing your head in the heat of the moment will hand further power over to the very person who deserves to have no further influence over you.
The very best of responses you can ever give to having your reputation attacked unjustly is to continue on providing even further clear, direct truth-filled evidence, via your words and actions, that what was said about you is an outright lie and a false accusation and statement.
When your reputation is unjustly attacked choose to build your reputation even further, to a level that your attacker will eventually be ashamed of their words and actions against you. 
Envy IS an ugly and sinister motivator. It makes people do the strangest and most unfairest and unjust of things, via their words and their actions. 
Envy IS often the primary root cause of an attack on a person's reputation, even thought the attacker will claim when confronted that it is not. Don't let someone else's envy and its fruit rob you or destroy you.

Don't let an unjust attack on your reputation ever stop you or hinder you. Regardless of whether the primary motivational root behind their attack was indeed envy, or proves to be some other negative force: Just. keep. sailing.

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