Medicinal Gardening: The Humble Dandelion

Mr 8, our very own Mister Fix It, has been learning with me about what medicinal herbs and plants there are in the typical backyard garden.
We are putting together a video of our findings to share on the Household Logistic's Youtube Channel, about dandelions currently. We hope to share it with you soon.
Who knew the humble dandelion was an AMAZING source of potassium and has major therapuetic benefits for many ailments like constipation, and such skin problems as acne, eczema and psoriasis? I sure didn't it!
Mr 8 is keen to learn about things growing in nature that can care for people.
Bless his little heart, he has already been cooking up citrus drinks for everyone, including his paternal Grandad, who got two bottles of Mr 8's home brewed mandarin juice recently for his birthday.
Dandelions.... they really ARE a wonderful medicinal plant and NOT a cast-aside, easily-looked-over 'weed'. We look forward to sharing our findings with you all soon!

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