Compiling a Clothing Inventory: Update

It really has been very timely over the past few days to begin to do an audit of each family member's clothing needs, for the coming winter season.

Taking stock of what are each family member's clothing needs, via a Clothing Inventory List, is proving to be an extremely effective way to get on paper what each person does have, and what items need mending or in fact purchasing.

Compiling a Clothing Inventory List has enabled my daughter and I to quickly see just how many individual items are onhand for her this coming winter season. Plus it has clearly helped us determine what would be best to next purchase on the clothing front; for instance, a jacket, a pair of sneakers in a larger size, as well as several new pairs of socks!

Being able to shop and/or make clothing, according to what an actual inventory shows is needed, has already proven to be a very helpful these past few days. It has been a simple yet effective way to determine what money really should be outlaid on clothing currently.

When you are a one income family with a fixed income like ours is, there just isn't money available to be frivolous and carry out impulsive, on-a-whim purchasing. Purchasing items with little thought for what is actually needed, is just not budget-friendly, end of story. 

When it comes to how many shoes any one family members wants to have, or how many variations of any one garment is desired, there simply isn't money available to splurge on whatever fancy and impulsive purchase someone in our family wants to buy next. 

Sure, it is nice to have one or two favourite and special items if you can, but overall 'need' takes precedence over just 'wanting' something. Having a rainbow collection of any one garment just for the sake of having it, isn't financially wise or feasible to indulge in when finances are limited.

A Clothing Inventory is a clear and purposeful means for me to determine what is an ideal number of shirts or skirts or socks (or any other clothing item for that matter) for any one family member. I can literally see on paper, via the list, what is present currently and what is to yet be acquired. Yay!

I believe quality rather quantity is good to keep in mind also, when considering purchasing wardrobe items. Depending on what the item is used for, be it a sport's uniform, a warm winter raincoat, or a week's supply of socks..... I endeavour to shop as wisely as I can.

Different inventories are definitely going to be required for different family members, according age and stage of life, as well as what activities each person may be involved in, on the sports and leisure front also.

A newborn, a toddler, and likewise a child who attends school daily in a regulation uniform, will all have different clothing needs and therefore different components listed as part of their specific clothing inventory.

When we compile such inventories, we really need to be mindful of who they are for and plan the inventory accordingly. It is not possible to always apply a one-size-fits-all mentality when formulating any one clothing inventory.

Health needs and other significant factors can sometimes play a factor in determining the most ideal quantities required of specific garments and items, when putting together a clothing inventory.

If a young child is currently toilet training, they may well need a greater number of specific clothing items, compared to a child who is fully toilet trained. When it comes to determining the items required, and the quantities of each required, this will definitely need to be considered case by case, family member by specific family member.

For those that work outside the home, there will be certain clothing items required, particularly if their workplace has a dress code. I know there  will be some significant requirements  when it comes to compiling the inventory list for my husband, who works in a professional office setting.

There will be items each family member needs for their down-time at home. There will be particular items required for taking part in their various specific leisure or sporting activities, etc.

Each and every clothing inventory I am gradually getting around to formulating has and will continue to be unique in its formulation. 

Having worked through the clothing inventory list yesterday with my daughter, for her current requirements, it came to our attention that she required some updates as well as some additional items added to her current winter wardrobe.

We have yet to go jacket shopping and to also get a new pair of sneakers, but already some items like several pairs of new socks in a larger size have been purchased and will now all be onhand for her to use.

I am definitely finding using a clothing inventory list to be a useful means of meeting my family's needs. I highly recommend compiling an inventory of clothing for each member of your family. It is proving to be budget-friendly and an effective tool to have onhand.

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