An Audit of Clothing

Just how much clothing does any one person need? Often what we think we need and what we actually need can be two totally different things.
Taking stock and actually working out an inventory of the clothing each family member has and needs can be a great clutter buster.
I have put together a Clothing Inventory List Master Sheet, as it can be very helpful to get on paper the reality of just how much clothing is or isn't lurking around for each famil member.
What ideally is the number of jackets and coats each family member needs? 
How much underwear does each person ideally require? 
How many T Shirts? 
What does each family member in fact at this very time have? 
What can be purged? 
What is yet to be purchased?
These can be helpful questions to ask and to help us to take stock with regard to just how much is required.
Setting reasonable boundaries based on what really is really needed can help us to break free from getting caught up in yet another cycle of items simply becoming clutter around our homes.
Do you need to take an audit of just how much clothing is circulating around in your household?
Start today, and make life a little less cluttered by doing an audit of clothing. Go for it!

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