A Designated Homeschooling Room in the Making

So what does a designated homeschool learning space/classroom/studio look like? Well, hopefully by the end of the current holidays, we will have finished putting together our very own designated schooling room and know firsthand.

It will be quite something to no longer have to decide where to put partially completed learning activities and projects, when the kitchen table is once again required for hosting a meal!

Whatever it is called: Creative Cave, Learning Studio, Homeschool Room, Classroom..... everyone is feeling excited, motivated and enthused about getting it sorted and ready for the next schooling term.

I am looking forward to sharing with you more about the preparations towards setting it up, PLUS some of the thoughts and ideas that have got us to this stage of actually choosing to go about having a specific space in our home that is first and foremost set up for our homeschooling adventure.

With piles of books everywhere, it looks rather chaotic at present. However, we are enthused and working away steadily towards getting the space sorted and organised, step by steady step.

Some things have already been delegated a set place for them to be kept. Other items are awaiting their turn to gain some attention. Still, with each box that is unpacked, each resource that is given its designated home, we get closer and closer to being ready to having the space ship-shape.

It has worked well to some degree doing our learning programme at the kitchen table and in the living area of our home. However, at times it has been challenging and somewhat frustrating to have to pack away things we are in the middle of. Soon however, we will have the option of making the most of this new exciting space we are putting together. We will be able to walk away from projects we are in the middle of and know they will be left, ready for the next round of attention being given to them. Yay!

I am personally looking forward to having something of a dedicated space just for the children's learning and all of the various resources we have collected and regularly use. I am looking forward to having systems of organization in place that are set in place and not necessarily going to be daily challenged, because of a need for a dual use of one said place.

The kitchen table has had its place. It has certainly served us well, from the time we started out learning from home. However, the prospect of having a dedicated learning and teaching space, that can be used for all the various indoor-based activities and projects everyone likes to work on, really is most appealing at present.

It is definitely a work in progress currently. There are labels to make, designated homes for items to be determined and numerous decisions yet to be made about what goes where and how.

But as we all know, Rome was not built in a day, and with each day we see more and more of our hoped for creative studio/ learning cave/homeschool room come to be. I will keep you posted on the progress!

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