The bees were busy in the backyard garden this afternoon. The plum tree was quite a buzz with the sound of them, as they flew from blossom to blossom.

I stood for quite some time watching one bee, then another, as they flittered from each delicate white flower on the plum tree. They each seemed very focused and intent on visiting as many of the plum blossoms as they could. Sometimes they would stop for quite some time, and other times they seemed to make a quick assessment and move on as quickly as they could, to try and locate a more pollen loaded flower. It really was quite fascinating to stand and quietly watch.

It was just such a wonderful sight to see all their activity, particularly as today was officially the first day of Spring, here in the southern hemisphere. Nothing says it is Spring like seeing a group of bees flying with focused attention in a cluster of blossom.

I tried to photograph several of them, but unfortunately the resulting photographs were not in focus. At some point it would be lovely to get a camera with the appropriate lenses to capture such sights. Still, it was lovely to watch and marvel at such a happy sight on this the first day of September.

The peach tree has begun to produce blossom also. I am hoping more blossom is yet to come, as there is not as of yet a great deal on the peach tree. Like the blossom of the plum tree, the peach tree blossom is so dainty and delicate looking also. The pink colouring of the peach blossom is so pretty.
It really is quite something seeing parts of the garden come alive again with boughs upon boughs of tiny new leaf buds and clusters of delicate blossom.

Here are some photographs for you to enjoy viewing, from the time spent out with my camera in the garden today. Spring has indeed sprung, and is making it's presence felt in our backyard garden.

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