Signs of Spring

Evidence that Spring is around the corner is starting to appear! Here is a photograph of some of the first daffodils that have sprung up over the past few days in the garden.

I planted around 100 daffodil bulbs some time ago, and they have just recently begun to flower. Seeing each of these early signs of happy, bright Spring colour is a source of joy, as we are still weathering our way through the biting cold & repetitive bleakness of Winter.

I look forward to seeing more & more evidence of Spring truly being not that far away, over the coming weeks.

Goodbye Winter! Your dreary greyness is no longer wanted. The harsh cold, and the dark cloudy cloak of your repetitive rain, are oppressive and tiresome. Goodbye! Be gone!

Instead, bring on the wonder of Spring's bright pops of floral colour!
Bring on those happy Spring days of copious warming sunshine!
May millions of bursting blossoms come out soon, to all trumpet in the bright & glorious, wonderful days of Spring!

The countdown to the first of September, (the first official day of Spring in the Southern Hemisphere) has surely begun.

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