Pretty & Cosy in Winter

Hello Fellow Home-makers! 

I hope you all are keeping warm, dry & well, if like us you are in the throes of winter. August is rather cold & wet at present, here in my neck-of-the-woods in the Northern Waikato Region.

Don't you just want Spring to roll around, and things to get a bit brighter (and drier!) in the garden? I certainly do! This rainy, cold, windy business, that is part & parcel of Winter just gets to be somewhat boring & annoying, after days upon days of the same old weather patterns at times, doesn't it? Still, it all has a purpose in the bigger scheme of things, I know.

There has been some developments in the garden, as the weather has permitted, which has been lovely. You can see some of it in the photographs shared here: 

A garden built along a side fence boundary has finally had some significant attention. It has been planted out with box hedging and pretty cyclamens.
All the box hedging in the various garden areas, has been grown from cuttings we have struck ourselves, or it has been re-planted from other areas around our property where it was no longer required. 
The cyclamens (these are an outdoorsy type) are just so bright and happy looking. They offer a lovely splash of colour to this particular garden area. They were purchased over time, as dollars would allow and it has been neat to see the vision for this particular garden area come to fruition finally. 
Don't you just love it, when something you envisage DOES work out to be just right in reality!

A punnet of cabbages planted out, has been steadily growing over several months, with many now having hearted up.

A collection of chard is doing well in this particular strip of garden. Hopefully we will have more growth soon, and then there will be plenty to add into salads in the warmer seasons.

Overall the slugs and snails were kept at bay, and only the occasional outer leaf, here and there, is showing signs of a few white butterfly pecks. There are sure to be some stir-fry meals soon on the menu.

A discounted pot of flowering chrysanthemums down to the grand total of $3.99, seemed too good a bargain to walk away from a few weeks ago. The pot contents were divided up and have now been planted out in the garden. It is to be hoped that they will enjoy their new home, out in a greater earth mix with greater room available to them.
Slowly, but surely things will soon really take off all around the garden, and the Spring growth spurt will make a big difference to how everything currently is shaping up.

The furry members of our household have all been far more keen to stay inside and keep cosy over the last months. They seem to have worked out whatever differences they may sometimes have, simply to insure that they can all mutually enjoy the benefit of resting up by a nice warm fire indoors! 
It is quite entertaining where we sometimes find each of them, parked up and blissfully sleeping through the worst of the greyness of Winter.

Soups & casseroles have been on the menu more so these past months. Hubby has been mastering the art of using the slow cooker. There is nothing quite like a cup or bowl of warm soothing soup on a cold evening is there! With the slow cooker, you also have the perk of the delicious smells that waft through the house through the day. Whoever invented the electric slow cooker, was truly a genius!

I have started to think about what I definitely want to get sorted in the garden a lot more lately, and have already started working on an area of garden that has needed some major attention for a while. Stay tuned over the next few weeks, as I will enjoy sharing the developments gradually being undertaken and occurring in this part of the garden we have deemed, The Dessert Garden. (Doesn't the very name just make you want to go peek at what is planted out there!).

So without any further news at present to really share, I will end this post here and go put on a cuppa. Ginger & Lemon Tea has been my go-to drink these past months. I am sure it has quietly helped ward of some of the usual winter ills. 

Keep warm & cosy, those of you that are fellow Southern Hemisphere Folks! There are 14 days of Winter left, and then Spring and all its gloriousness will officially be here to greet us! Yay!

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