The Little Things in Life

Sometimes it is the little things that can make a difference.

While out doing a few shopping errands today, I knew I wanted to look at getting some clothes pegs.

Clothes pegs are just one of those terribly mundane household items we all at some point purchase. Whether setting up house for the first time, or needing to occasionally replace them due to them becoming lost or broken, clothes pegs are something that every so often need to be acquired.

Like a lot of very ordinary yet essential household items that have a purposeful function, we select a packet of clothes pegs with price often determining which packet we will in fact purchase (we all love a bargain, right?).

There might be a particular type of peg we found better than another type, and that too can make us inclined to favour one type over another, as we hastily make a quick decision in the laundry shopping aisle.

Sometimes it is the littlest things that do make a difference, when it comes to doing the mundane and the routine chores of daily life... Little things, like finding clothes pegs in a favourite colour, can give daily life's chores a tiny extra spark of joy.

48 clothes pegs for $4.00. My new favourite colour to boot......  Thanks, Kmart! I am rather pleased with today's find.

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