Homeschooling: Book Haul #2

I thought I would share a photograph of this latest lovely haul of books for our homeschooling library collection. It really is amazing what you can find in charity shops, and even on the sale tables at local libraries.

There were a number of interesting non-fiction books on various sports, as well several on caring for a variety of small pets, in amongst all those on offer for sale today at our local library.

Most of the non-fiction books I found looked to be in near new condition, and were hardcover books also. I try and get hardcover books if I can, when looking to buy second-hand books, as they tend to be in better overall condition than softcover/paperback books. This was certainly another great book haul, as the majority of books I selected to buy were hardcover ones and only a dollar each!

Our younger household members are sure to enjoy browsing through and reading this lovely lot of new-to-us books in days to come. With a great price per book, and with the majority of the books being hardcover and in fabulous condition, this was another fabulous homeschooling book haul for the month of October!

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