Homeschooling: A Home Library

I have been working off and on over the past weeks trying to better organize various teaching and learning resources that are part of our regular and daily homeschooling experience.

Part of my current focus has involved putting together something of a 'home library.' As our eldest child has become an avid fan of specific chapter book series this past year, we have started to seek out particular books, when out op shopping, to add to our growing book collection.

Over time, I am hoping we may also be able to perhaps start something of a lending library for other homeschooling families to enjoy also.

I have taken time to put together labels for the various baskets of books on one of our resource shelves. The graphics will hopefully help illustrate clearly what collection of books are contained in each specific allocated basket, and help when it comes time to re-shelving and returning them.

Being able to see the books front face forward and being able to easily flip through to find a book of interest will aid book selection also.

Step by step, gradually I feel I am making headway on bringing an organization system together, that positively aids and supports our day to day homeschool learning programme.

Hopefully time and energy will be spared when seeking particular resources to use, as well as when it comes time to putting things away. This at least is a start towards endeavouring to achieve those goals.

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