Seeking Simplicity

It is interesting what you find you can live without, when it is all packed away and out of sight. It is proving to be an interesting discovery to find that really, how much of what we choose to squirrel away do we really require and need?

Banana boxes have worked fabulously here in our neck-of-the-woods as the means to store a range of things over the last year. From homeschooling resources right through to some inherited china collections, a huge range of items have been nestled away. Strong and robust in construction, the large cardboard boxes that bananas are often packaged in to travel from grower to retailer, have proven to be very useful. They have served us well, as progress has been made here on the home renovation front.

Having been out of sight and out of mind for quite a length of time, there is somewhat less emotional attachment to a number of our stored items. How freeing it is, to discover what you once thought you could not live without, in fact is now something that can be purged and now let go of!

What was once very necessary for a preschooler, is no longer required for a primer. The hobby that was previously an enjoyable pursuit, no longer holds such a fascination.

As I unpack, sort and make decisions about each item, I am putting things aside for a garage sale which I aptly named "The Banana Box Binge."

There are just so many boxes full of items that are no longer are needed. They now sit waiting for the day of sale we have advertised. What was once of use, perhaps even very much needed or wanted, is now being set aside to go to others who will have their turn of ownership.

Simplicity is freeing. I am enjoying experiencing it more and more, as I go through this process of unpacking, sorting and purging items from within piles of banana boxes.

As time passes and I experience a greater sense of freedom due to simplicity, I am seeking to implement simplicity even more so.

Surfaces around the home do not need to be cluttered with keepsakes. Drawers and shelves do not need to become nesting areas for multiples of items. Collections can be decreased in numbers. Limits on quantities can be brought back even further. Memories do not need to be held onto via actual physical tokens from the past.

Simplicity is very worth pursuing and seeking. Simplicity is proving to be both freeing and releasing. I recommend it.

What have you found has helped to implement more simplicity in & around your home? Feel free to share via a comment.

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