Labour Weekend

Hi Everyone! Here in New Zealand it is a long weekend, Labour Weekend. It is a chance for many of us to catch up with family & friends, plus it is a great time to get into the garden, do some extra spring cleaning and DIY projects also.

Look at what the weather is like here today! BEAUTIFUL!

I have not blogged for while. Long story made very short: life has been both busy with both usual activities, plus trying to do a lot of catch up after having a short hospital stay unexpectedly, all due to a sore back deciding to kick in! I don't recommend back pain at all, folks!

I hope to start having follow-up physiotherapy soon, as it has truly knocked-me-for-six suddenly have to deal with pretty much a constantly sore back, with occasional biting sharp pains also. So until then, I am going about doing my usual routines and activities as best I can at present.

Still, the sun is out today and sunshine always helps to lift everyone's spirits. Seeing progress around the house and garden is always encouraging and uplifting also.

Look at the growth that has now started in the potato bed I worked on several weeks ago! How exciting it is to see this now taking place!

 It used to look like this:

I will need to get out and add another layer of dirt, compost and mulch at some point no doubt. But seeing the progress happening in this area of the garden is fantastic.

It is definitely a good opportunity to get on with both outdoor and indoor activities this weekend. Time out in nature is always lovely. Yay for transformation in the garden!

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