A Warm Welcome

Today I woken up away from home and in the city of Dunedin. I am here in Dunedin for a week and am looking forward to my week of time-out, being in the company of friends and getting to have a bit of an adventure away from my usual life routines.

What a lovely warm welcome I received yesterday on arrival in Dunedin! Having spent several hours travelling from Auckland, flying down via two plane flights, it was so nice to finally arrive at my destination. There is nothing quite like arriving at the final point of your trip, and being warmly greeted and welcomed, is there?

Hospitality is something that can be embraced in many forms. Some would say it is a gift. Yet, it is the simple things that can make a tired traveller feel truly welcome, and extend to them both grace and care.

A lovely meal, a fresh towel, time to simply be quiet and do what is needed to feel settled, all help to make a guest feel at home while actually being away from their usual home environment.

The little touches that were put in place to make me feel very welcomed after a day of travelling, were just so lovely, I thought I would share them here via a blog post.

A fresh towel and some toiletries were placed at the foot of the bed.

A treat of chocolate was placed on the pillow. Yummy!

My enjoyment of dark chocolate was acknowledged with this welcoming gift!

 A jug of daffodils! 
What a visual treasure to receive your very own 
cluster of springtime on a bedside cabinet!

Thank you Sarah and family for making this traveller and guest feel very welcome on arrival to your home and your garden city. I am truly grateful and blessed.

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