Clutter Busters: Bathroom Linen Storage

The previous post titled, Clutter Busters: Kitchen Tea towel Storage, shared a method to fold and compact kitchen tea towels. It has proven to be an effective way to compact them, in order for them to nestle together, in their designated kitchen drawer.

This folding method can also using for a number of other household linens, including bathroom linens. Towels, hand towels, face cloths are all folded using the very same method in my own home.

It is a method of folding linen that has proven to be an effective way to make piles of bath towels, etc also nestle well together, in their designated area of the linen cupboard.

I appreciate the fact that the resulting visual uniformity also makes everything look more visually appealing within the actual linen cupboard (who doesn't enjoy opening a linen cupboard to find it looking visually appealing, as well as functional?). With everything able to be neatly and easily stacked, it is easy to see with a quick glance what is available throughout the cupboard.

It eliminates any potential irritation due to not being able to quickly find what you need. Should several people contribute to sorting, folding and putting away linens, it makes for a very quick means of helping everyone know where to put everything within the actual cupboard, and on particular shelves.

Time is precious. Taking the time to fold everything in a uniform fashion provides the opportunity to be thrifty with what time and energy we each have in any given day.

These very practical time efficient techniques, can prove to also be effective clutter busters for a busy household. I recommend finding out what works best for you and your household. Go for it.

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