DIY Diva Project: Kitchen Barstools

With school holidays currently on the go, the projects that I have been eyeing up working on for some time are now being done in high gear. I am so keen to get on and get them done, done, done!

I have a vision and I know what I want and where I want the current projects to go. So getting on and getting a little bit done each day, is all helping to get everything nearer to achieving the hoped for outcomes.

So, here is the current state of one of the DIY focuses, the kitchen barstools I am making over.

In this photograph you can see the difference between the one on the left having had several undercoats of paint put on it, compared to that on the right. This is just the undercoat colour, by the way.

I am excited about the soon-to-be-revealed actual chosen top coat colour. It will really give a splash of colour! I will post an update soon!

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