What Drives You Crazy?

I thought it would be interesting to allow people the opportunity to say what exasperates and drives them crazy when it comes to household logistics. What irks and is a pet peeve for you on the home-making front?

Let's be honest: there ARE things that irritate us and can drive us home-makers crazy, as we try to keep things orderly and in a routine in our homes. There are things that happen, and things that are done, that can simply prove to be most vexing.

Here are some things that are pet peeves for me:
Family members not putting their dirty clothes in a laundry hamper which is really not that far away. Facing piles of clothes, left on bedroom and bathroom floors, is just not a source of happy joy for me! Rather than shame anyone in particular who makes such floor piles, I will let you visualise that scenario yourself.

Another thing that somehow really manages to irk, is finding a pile of finished toilet rolls, lurking in the bathroom. This seems to occur rather regularly because someone just doesn't think to put them in the rubbish bin. I guess it is a source of irritation also, because it is often connected with finding no replacement toilet paper roll put out and present either! Surely if you use it all up, you would think to kindly replace it for the next bathroom visitor?!

Another thing that is simply gross, is finding remnants of food left in the bottom of the kitchen sink. I will spare you the experience of seeing a photograph of that! How hard can it be for ALL scraps to be either put in the kitchen compost bin or even flushed away down the kitchen waste disposer?! For some unknown reason, it sometimes appears to be just too challenging a step for some users of the kitchen.

One thing that creates exasperation on a world-wide level I am sure is.....NOT BEING ABLE TO FIND A MATCHING PAIR OF SOCKS!

Where do these little beasties disappear to?! How can it be that what went into the washing pile, and even supposedly into the washing machine together, are now so vastly separated?! Go figure!

There are just some things that occur every now and then that exasperate, drive us home-makers occasionally crazy and prove to be pet peeves, aren't there!

What occurs at your place and really grates you??

Leave a comment and share what occurs at your place to drive you crazy and is one of your particular pet peeves. You never know... someone else may well relate exactly to your exasperation also!

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