Storing and Organizing Children's Toys: Part #2

This the second post in a short series about how I store and organize children's toys.

In the previous post, Storing and Organizing Children's Toys: Part #1, I shared how I used to store toys in cupboards in the living area within our home.

This was a great system while the children were in the toddler and preschool stages. It kept everything on-hand throughout the day.

Now that the children are older, the system for storage of toys has changed. Toys which are no longer age appropriate has been passed on. What toys are now of interest are now stored quite differently.

Duplo and Wood Blocks have been replaced by Lego and Meccano. Both of which supply hours of fun. Simple machines and complex constructions are innovatively created and built again and again.

With all the various components these construction sets make up, (plus the related booklets), there has been a need to have several containers to keep everything easily able to be found.

All toys are now stored and organized in large tote containers. Text labels are attached on the front.

The containers are easily able to be swapped  around with others, so there is variation and interest re-ignited every so often.

The individual totes are easily able to be taken from the storage cubby within the bedroom area and moved to the chosen play area by the children themselves. Tidying up is now done quite independently also.

This system of storing and organizing toys is currently working well. I highly recommend it for older children.

What system of organizing toys do you use for your older children? What do you find is particular great about it? Please feel free to leave a comment to share what you & your household have found to be most helpful.

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