A Linen Cupboard Makeover

I recently helped someone else achieve their own Linen Cupboard Makeover.

I enjoy the experience of thinking and working through how to meet a different set of needs and requirements, with each of these makeover projects, when I do them. This particular project was within an adult only household.

Here are the photographs that show the transformation that occurred for their household in their Linen Cupboard.......

 Before Photograph:

After Photograph:

The Details:

Time was spent de-cluttering, purging, sorting and putting a system of organisation in place that suited the requirements of this particular household. Everyone was delighted with the resulting outcome, which made it easier to both see and locate what was needed from this particular storage cupboard.

Everything was organized overall according to frequency of use, plus ease of access. Items were organized according to the current season's needs also. As the season change, there may be some slight changes applied to the overall layout again.

Here are the Before and After photographs again, shown side by side, to illustrate once more the transformation that occurred.

It is encouraging to see how simple changes, via purging and sorting, can make a visible difference to a storage area within a home.

Have you been working on a particular storage area in your home lately?
What did you have to consider, as you made your decisions about placement and re-organization?
You are welcome to leave a comment and share what you have found helpful when it comes to storing blankets, towels, bed linen, etc.

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