De-Clutter Challenge #3 Review

De-Clutter Challenge #3, the most recent of my de-cluttering projects, involved sorting through and purging (if required) all things medicinal. Plus, it involved coming up with a system of organization for accessing and locating items relatively quickly.

Having sorted through everything, I have for now chosen to do the following system of organization. To date, it is working well. It works well having everything contained in separate containers according to specific categories.

Once again I found using a Sistema brand of container useful, mainly due to this particular style of container's lid being required to be securely locked down into position on all four sides. There is little chance once that is done that the contents of the container could fall out precariously.

Grouping related items together certainly makes it easy to quickly source things when they are needed. Simply grabbing one container out, knowing that what you need is on hand quickly helps, when in some instances, some medications may be needed rather promptly by household members (for instance, asthma medications).

In the above photograph you will see that the container is lined with a non-slip liner. I did this in order to help stop things rolling around and potentially getting knocked about.

I have found this to be a particular useful product and have used it in a number of ways throughout our home. No doubt you will see how I have used it in a number of blog posts over time. Not having things sliding about in drawers or containers helps prevent things getting knocked about and damaged. It is a product that is easy to cut to size and also can be given a quick freshen up occasionally with a damp cloth. I highly recommend making the investment in such a product.

Using I once again created a series of labels, which I then laminated. With a small amount of hot glue applied in each corner to help secure them to the inside of the container's front, they help create visual uniformity overall, yet make the process of quickly finding medicines or the like easy.

A relatively simple thing, like the addition of a label across the front of a container, helps to eliminate visual clutter. For me that is considered a huge plus, as it makes for a calmer visual environment.

The end result, of having everything sorted and organized, easy to access and visually appealing also, I think speaks for itself.

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