Keeping Things in Perspective

This morning I became something of a grandma. Our cat had kittens! Six gorgeous, tiny, squirming bundles of immediate joy became part of our household, all before breakfast.

Suddenly the day's focuses stopped. There was all round tremendous delight, as this day had been much anticipated in our household for quite some time.

Breakfast ran later than normal. Getting everyone dressed and school bags packed, all happened somewhat a bit later than usual, as a result of this major excitement in our household. Our beloved cat had become a mama for the first time, and everyone on hand this morning was thrilled to pieces!

Seeing a new mum take on the mantle of motherhood today has got me thinking again about the juggling we women do. Whilst sitting in the home office, every so often it has just been so lovely to sneak a peek at the box of new life, nestled close by under the desk.

Being able to witness and watch the new mother, so gently and tenderly nurture her litter of kittens through this first day of life, has very much reminded me today of what life is all about.

Keeping things in perspective. Sometimes it is quite difficult to do so. Particularly when you can feel at times so completely swamped by responsibility. It can feel very overwhelming when facing all that seemingly requires direct attention each day. There is just so much that cries out for attention and which sets immediate busyness in again.

The toy boxes in the children's play area need re-sorting and some even require labelling to help with the organisation that was started in that area of the house......

There are still sheets and pillowcases that are lumped waiting to twist and turn in the swirl of the washing machine also......

And as for the kitchen, well, there are just as many tasks waiting to be dealt with there, just as there are in lots of other places.

Yet, today feels so much richer, because life today has predominately been about enjoying the arrival of new kittens and watching their first day of life.

The house work and organisation tasks here today, will be here tomorrow. And they can each wait.

As clueless as we can sometimes feel, like a new cat mother embracing the role of nurturing her six little chargers for the very first time, we too can simply wing-it and results that express love and care will come through regardless.

Feeling clueless? Sometimes we can simply wing-it and things can and will go extraordinarily well for all involved.

Days like today, help keep things in perspective. Routines, systems of organisation, household logistics are all about loving those we love. We can do them our way and in our time.

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