Are you perhaps like me in that you actually feel quite clueless when it comes to home-making? Do you honestly struggle with the whole thing of trying to figure out how best to do home administration? Like me, do you find trying to establish routines and organisation systems difficult? Do you also find it particularly difficult to keep those very routines established for a significant length of time?

At present, that is where I am at. I've been thinking quite a bit about it lately, as life goes on around me. It seems to me that feeling clueless perhaps best describes where I feel I am at and where the outworkings of my input are at. I simply feel I am clueless when it comes to domesticity related stuff.

You might be thinking: "Now, hang on, you've shared some great ideas on this blog, don't get all despondent on us now...," but that is the most honest assessment I can make at present. Let me explain...

A lot of what I try to establish around our home, to set in place some means of workable organisation or routine, has come from ideas I have seen others trial and/or do.

The various systems of organisation I have tried to implement for organising the kitchen, the children's play area, the bathroom, etc have all more often than not, been the result of an idea being sparked from something I have seen online or I have seen or heard about whilst out visiting or talking with friends.

Hence this is just one of several reasons for stating the sense of being clueless.

Whilst growing up, my mum had to work full-time to support our family. I do not recall much of how things were organised in and around our home, yet it seemed to work fairly well at the time. I remember that there were specific chores we children had to do. Chores like washing and drying dishes (that seemed to take the longest time due to some tea-towel flicking fights, etc,) and then there was also the requirement of keeping some form of tidy order in our bedrooms. But really overall looking back, I feel I grew up fairly clueless about running a home and organising it.

Were you like me and were you a teenager in the 80's? Growing up I seem to recall the message to all young teenage girls was that we could do anything, be anything. It appeared we could have it all. At least, that was what those of us at the receiving end of all those messages perhaps came away believing.

Growing up in the 80's it seemed like that you could be anything or anyone you wanted to be, because girls could/can do anything. Girls just wanna have fun, was another catchy phrase in the 80's. And indeed we wanted to have fun. We still want to. However more often than not at present, I am just happy if I can occasionally have some time-out and quiet me-time, that may just involve allowing me to have some decent sleep.

As I look around the place we call home, at times it is still overwhelming seeing all that needs doing. Some things repeatedly require doing, like sorting and folding the washing. There seems to always be never ceasing piles of items needing to go back to their designated spots in drawers, on shelves, in cupboards and it can constantly still feel like there is always catch up needing to be done.

Feeling clueless. It isn't a particularly great feeling. At times I wish there truly was such a person as a personal fairy godmother who I could send a quick text message to and ask her to come over and put this immediate world I am in, back to right and back in order.

I wish a band of helpful discreet fairies could come on over and over night design and implement the best possible organisation scenario for the kitchen, the garage (don't get me started on the garage!!) and work their way through our home, right out through to completing what was started on the organisation front in the backyard garden shed. That their designs for each area of home would be so bullet-proof, so amazing, that the established system would stick well and everyone within our home could manage to keep them going over the long term.


However, instead it is mere humans who live in this very home. It is mere humans who have to keep trying to work out what works best, in order to keep things ticking over and some what functional here on the household logistics front. No doubt, in your home also there are just mere humans present also.

With no previous specific schooling, no certified diploma or degree on how to set up a pantry, how to best organise a linen cupboard, how best to implement a night routine for little ones not always keen to follow along on the path to bed-time .......... we simply each endeavour to do what we can, with the knowledge at hand at the time.

Feeling clueless. Sometimes it can feel very overwhelming. Organising and running a household: it sure is personally one big previously un-chartered, in-it-for-the-long-haul adventure.

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