De-Clutter Challenge #2 Review

The major focus for De-clutter Challenge #2 was to sort, purge and de-clutter the fridge/freezer and the chest freezer. In my particular household this de-clutter challenge is still being worked on somewhat. We are still growing several crops that have yet to produce their harvest, so completing this particular challenge will take some time to achieve.

It will be interesting in 2014, to see how all the various de-cluttering challenges pan out. Some will take longer to achieve no doubt, (just like this particular de-clutter challenge is taking longer to achieve), than the original time-frame set of one week.

Part of the reason for it taking longer is due to the fact it does involve committing quite a bit of time and energy to carry it out. It involves taking time to check all the best-before dates/expiring dates of various foodstuffs that are already contained in both the fridge/freezer and chest freezer. Plus, it takes time to wipe out and wipe down all the interior and exterior surfaces as required. Harvesting various garden crops takes time also and is dependent on what is ripe and ready for collecting. Preparing and cooking up copious amounts of harvested produce takes time and energy, just like all the previous mentioned tasks associated with this particular de-clutter project, do as well.

Taking longer on a specific de-cluttering project is okay. The overall goal is still going to be achieved, it is just going to be achieved over a slightly lengthier time-frame. Regardless of whether the project takes a little longer, than the anticipated and allocated time-frame,  I am simply enjoying seeing the end result eventuating step by step.

For this particular project I have purchased some more Sistema containers. Sistema containers suit a range of uses, they come in a range of sizes and are suitable for both using in the fridge and the freezer.

Overall, the focus for de-clutter project #2 has proved to be one that is appropriate, to due to current activities associated with harvesting summer produce from the garden.

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