The Point of Fun

Fun. How is it going in that category of life?

Do you actually remember what fun is? What it feels like? Looks like? Smells like? Tastes like?

In the busyness of being there for those in your household, fun can become lost. It gradually takes up a more silent position on the floor of your life experience.

Fun. It seems to be that playmate that gradually gets pushed aside by others who enter into your playspace in the Playground of Life.

Like a most debonair Prince Charming dance partner at the Ball of Life, fun suddenly seems to have become disengaged from you, dropped your hand, let go of holding your waist firmly, to simply disappear into a swirl of other dancers around you.

You know those dancers: Commitment, Routine, Regular Chores, Responsibility for those you caregive and nurture..... just to name a few.

You stand motionless amongst the swirl, and experience it become more and more of a giddy balancing act to simply stay on your feet.

Fun has left you it seems. Alone. Vulnerable. Overwhelmed. Desperate.

Fun. Where did you go? How do I find you again?

A somewhat silent, yet very urgent prayer crosses your lips.

You just want to close your eyes and be elevated away from the mesmerising swirl of activity that surrounds you, as it draws suffocatingly closer and closer.


That wonderful, gentle dance partner that knows just how to keep you waltzing best around and through the Ball of Life.

That fabulous, creative, happy-to-be-spontaneously-silly dance partner, that engages you best. Oh, to have that particular dance partner return to hold you, and lead you out again across the ballroom.

How wonderful to have such a dance partner at the Ball of Life who knows exactly how to waltz with you. The dance style, the manner of holding you... this suits you, moves you best.

Others in the ballroom look in your direction, and acknowledge that there is a delightful, healthy sparkle of light evident in your eyes only when you are in this particular dance partner's presence.

Oh, to experience again the small, then larger chuckle of laughter that comes first as a crooked lip smile, then builds to a little explosion of delight from deep within your belly due to waltzing with your best dancer partner: Fun.


Where do I find you again? Have you simply left the Ball of Life and strode off into the depths of the night? Are you over there with a better, more attractive dance partner, to be ever lost to me? Will you not again write on my dance card, and indicate your desire to hold me and no other?


Where do I find you, my love, my best dance partner?

Ah, I see you now. There. Over by the drink buffet.

You turn. You look at me. Your eyes lock firmly with mine. You raise both your hands to show me you have acquired two punch glasses of drink. You graciously extend one glass to me.

"Drink." You say to me. "Drink."

I look at your eyes. They sparkle somewhat. Yet there is an element of serious in them also. It is both request and concern. You have noticed my parched lips.

Bless you, Fun. You, my most delightful dance partner, understand me best.

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