My Backyard: October Activities & Herbs

The month of October has arrived! Spring is in full swing now for sure!

Having had daylight saving start last weekend, it is just so lovely to get more and more time outdoors.

Working and walking around the garden, we have enjoyed finding some treasures lately, all due to the warmer, lighter days that have come with springtime.

We have discovered little Alpine Strawberries appearing more readily. They are such a nice tiny treat to have when out in the garden. It is quite lovely to watch the children occasionally kneel down and hunt for any small red berries that may have ripened. All the more fun to find them and eat them as they come straight off the vine!

The herbs in the garden have all been growing well over the last little while also. Many were originally struck from cuttings or small clumps, so to see them now grow happily into larger clumps and bushes is just wonderful.

Chives and Bulb Fennel are just two examples of the herbs that have coped well with being transplanted from a friend's garden.

I was particularly delighted to see flowers on the chamomile I planted. I will have to investigate how to prepare some chamomile tea soon, to make the most of the flowers.

Having done a bit of weeding this week, it has been great to catch up with how various crops are doing in the garden. Celery, carrots, beetroot, cabbage, a variety of spinach, all in various garden beds, are making good progress.

We may well be able to have some more fruit crumble soon! The rhubarb is all looking extremely healthy since it was relocated into this particular raised bed. Lots of compost and manure seems to have been just what was needed to encourage the plants to have a real growth burst.

I am still thinking through what I would like in some of the garden beds that are more flower beds. Here are two photographs of some particularly lovely succulents I saw whilst out in the garden.

According to the current Moon Calendar, from now through until Monday 7th October it is a good time to continue to prepare and cultivate only.

From Tuesday 8th October to Wednesday 16th October, it is a good time to sow and plant out all those crops that produce their edible plants above ground.

Crops such as asparagus, dwarf beans, peas, pumpkins, artichoke, lettuce, sunflowers, silverbeet, snow peas and sweet corn.... are just some of the above ground crops that can all be sown from now on, directly in to the garden, if the risk of frosts has passed.

Broccoli, cabbage, celery, chilli, climbing beans, egg plant, marrows, spinach, rock melons, squash, zucchini, watermelon.... are just some of the many things you can sow from now on also, in to seed trays.

October really is a lovely month, in terms of be able to put into action plans that will help towards obtaining a plentiful and fruitful summer garden.

Enjoy your time this week in the garden.

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