The Kitchen Swap Party # Part 1

The Kitchen Swap Party was such a lovely event.

Here are some photographs showing examples of the various items that everyone contributed, and how they were displayed.

In the entrance I created this display.

The bunting was made from an old recipe book. It looked very cute and helped create some fun kitchen-themed ambience for the evening.

There was a huge variety of items offered at the Kitchen Swap Party. When there is a variety of items on offer, it means that there is sure to be something that appeals to someone.

A Kitchen Swap Party is a very practical way of recycling and re-purposing items you and your household no longer require.

At the end of the evening, there was just two boxes of items to be passed on to charity.

Everyone who came seemed to be delighted with their newly acquired items.

There were comments expressed about how it was nice to know that your no-longer-required items were able to be of use to someone else.

It was lovely to think that someone had positively benefited from your contribution of that particular item at the Swap Event.

Here is a photograph of some of the delicious desserts that people brought along for the Pot-Luck Dessert Buffet.

The Kitchen Swap Party was a lovely event to hold. I would highly recommend hosting one!

Coming soon....

A Blog Post about how the actual swapping component of the evening was administered and how it occurred.

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