Project Kitchen: Another Under-the-Kitchen-Sink Makeover

I recently helped someone else with their own Project:Kitchen, that focused on two areas of their kitchen.

I enjoyed the experience of thinking through how to meet a different set of needs and requirements, as this was an adult only household.

Here are the photographs that show the transformation that occurred for their household in their Under-the-Kitchen-Sink Area.....

Before Photograph:

After Photograph: 


The Details:

Having de-cluttered, purged, sorted and put a system of organisation in place that suited the requirements of this particular household, everyone was very much delighted with the resulting outcome.

Everything was organized according to frequency of use and ease of access, as the home occupant is an elderly person.

As they have regular home help provided for them, everything also needed to be easy to find for those who came in to support them living in their own home.

Here are the Before and After photographs again, shown side by side, to illustrate once more the transformation that occurred.

It is great to see how some simple changes via purging and sorting can makes such a difference.

Spring is such a great time of year to breathe some fresh life into our homes via some focused deep cleaning and overhauling.

I hope you are getting to enjoy some positive transformation in your household, if you are also working on some specific areas of re-organization and overhaul at present.

It is great too, if you can buddy up with a friend and help each other out, like I did with this person.

Still have lots to do? Keep going! The transformation made is so worth it!

Have you been working on an area in your kitchen for your own Project:Kitchen lately?
What did you have to consider as you made your decisions about placement and re-organization?
You are welcome to leave a comment and share how your own Project:Kitchen is currently going.

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