Kitchen Swap Party Preparations

Preparations have started for the Kitchen Swap Party which is happening next week.

The invitations were sent out and people have begun to RSVP. It is going to be such a lovely evening!

It is nice to have a chance to catch up with friends, plus share things that are surplus to our various households that may help someone else out.

I have been doing lots of sorting of items, as I have been overhauling our kitchen area and putting them aside, all ready to offer at the Swap Party.

There are several boxes now, which contain a variety of items that may be of use to someone else who attends.

I have also had several items passed on to me from others that are unable to attend on the actual night, but who were willing to contribute items that may be of use to someone else.

Having a Kitchen Swap Party is such a fun way to encourage and motivate a Spring Clean Out in the kitchen!

Here are several photographs of some of the items that are going to be offered at the Kitchen Swap Party I am hosting. It may give you an idea or two, about the variety of items that can perhaps be included for a Kitchen-themed Swap, should you like to host one also.

Containers are items that people always seem to be able to make good use of. Whether they are food storage containers that can be used for storing leftovers in the fridge, or perhaps for portioning out future meals currently to be stored in the freezer.

Containers are also handy for corralling a variety of kitchen related items such as rubber bands, drink bottle lids, zip-lock bags with after school snacks...... and much, much more.

Plastic containers, bottles, jars, baskets, caddies you no longer require in your kitchen are just some of the containers that could be offered to others, via a Kitchen Swap Party. They need to be food safe, clean and in good workable condition.

That one Tupperware container that is surplus in your kitchen might just be the perfect match for a container that a friend has been trying to find a match for all along!

For those that enjoy decorating family celebration cakes and the occasional plate of cupcakes, an icing tip that you no longer require and offer at a Kitchen Swap Party might just be the one that is needed.

Icing tips, surplus candles, cake decorations, cake decorating tools, cake platters and stands...... are all fabulous items to offer if you have surplus.

Food related magazines and recipe books are always great items to have on offer at a Kitchen Swap Party.

You might just have the recipe book that a friend has been trying to locate to no avail - how fantastic to find it at a Kitchen Swap Event!

Sectional Plastic Storage Containers can be just the thing for storing loose kitchen items, such as batteries, first aid plasters, cake decorating items. These containers can also be used in other areas of the home also.

Sometimes it can be nice to have a swap table at a Kitchen Swap Party Event that has garden produce also. Fresh fruit and vegetables can be offered, as well as such other pantry items as herbs and spices, a jar of jam, pickles or chutneys.

Anything kitchen related can possibly be offered at a Kitchen Swap Party, if it is food safe and in good, workable condition.

The rule of thumb for deciding what to offer at a Kitchen Swap Party perhaps could be:  Would this kitchen item serve well the next person who owns it?

By swapping items at a Kitchen Swap Party, we can provide each other with the motivation to face that Kitchen Spring Clean we may have been putting off.

Plus it is so lovely to be able to help out a friend, if we have something that is surplus to our household's needs. It might just be the very item that my friend or neighbour are currently needing and looking out for.

What a wonderful act of friendship getting together for a Kitchen Swap Party can be!

Have you been to a Kitchen-themed Swap Party? 
What was a highlight for you?
Are you thinking of hosting a Swap Party?
You are welcome to leave a comment to share your thoughts.

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