Keeping It Functional, Keeping It Real.

William Morris once said, "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful".

Today, no matter how busy life may seem and no matter how hectic, this statement is still true. So often though due to busyness, tiredness and the activities of normal daily life, our home environment can however mirror back to us a sense of things being somewhat out of kilter.

Where did the car keys get put last? Whose turn is it to cook dinner tonight? When is that dentist appointment that's booked for in the new year? What is lurking in the bottom of the chest freezer? How many T Shirts should the three year old reasonably have? When WAS the cat last wormed?!

Real life, real questions and real situations, that could perhaps benefit from better household logistics, better household organization systems and better routines being set in place.

Over the last several years, as we transitioned from being a household of two adults to a family with children I have plugged away at trying to set in place organizational systems here on the home-front, with the aim of keeping things functional and realistic. Some have worked. Some have required overhaul, and some are due for tweeking again.

Yes, you can find stunning, amazing, completely outstanding organizational systems for the home environment and your household out there in cyberspace via the Internet and PInterest, etc.

However, I desire to seek out and trial down-to-earth systems that work for the family that lives under our roof: a household on one income, with children who play, explore and create messes along the way, and two adults who partner together daily to try to keep on top of bills and payments - all the while living as a family group trying to be frugal, yet as comfortable and happy as we hopefully can be with the time, energy and resources we have.

I want to keep it functional. I want those that live in our home to all be able to be on-board to keep the systems we set in place in place. All the household organization systems, routines, logistics have to be suitable for both the youngest household member, as well as the oldest to follow through.

There is a need for those organization systems we adopt as a family to serve well both the home-based worker (moi!) and the off-site worker (hubby), as well as help nurture two small children.

This blog's purpose will be to document the household logistics we as a household take on-board, (plus the tweeking that may occur over time) that help our household function more efficiently.

It will be a means to review down the track how we felt it went towards serving our particular household's need to redeem energy and time perhaps previously lost.

It would be great to set in place systems that allow for more fun, more laughter, greater peacefulness and special family memory making and building.

The plan along the way will be to also share and document the household logistics carried out by other households also. People who are also trialling their own version of household logistics, and who are willing to share and document their journey towards better household organization, routines, etc.

Sometimes having a friend join you along the way can help with motivation to get on to getting a task faced and done, a system sorted.

Setting up and putting in place workable household logistics is no doubt a continual work in progress as seasons change, interests and focuses change, within a household as life happens and time passes.

By sharing all of this via a blog, hopefully others will be encouraged and gather some ideas that may be of benefit to them in their circumstances.

Maybe something in a blog post will spark an idea for how to order the daily things of life for you and your household in your world.

Household logistics are all about making things work for you and your household, making life simpler, and allowing more time (which is so precious) to be spent as quality time with those whom we love, doing things we feel are beneficial and important.

So it begins. A blog in blog world about household logistics that are taken on board, trialled and reviewed by a real kiwi family living in a small country village somewhere in the Waikato region of New Zealand. Plus, it is a blog in blog world where there can be sharing from others also -  sharing by those who choose to join in and take part in sharing their own household organization journeys along the way also.

Peace to you and your household.

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