Encouragement to Begin...

A new season in life, a change of circumstances, can all determine a need to re-evaluate the household logistics operating in any given household.

Changes such as downsizing, having a new baby, an adult child leaving the family nest, the setting up of a new home-based business influence the household logistics taken on board.

All the various transitions and new chapters, experienced as part of life's journey with their new focuses, can all require an overhaul of how things are organized to occur.

As the seasons start to indicate change and a transition from winter to spring here in New Zealand, I am looking to focus on achieving several organizational goals I have been planning to work on for quite some time.

This blog is going to be a means to document them. Goals focused on bettering the systems our household uses, in and around the home, to keep things functional and orderly.

It would be wonderful to have others join me on this overhaul journey, so we can inspire and encourage each other! I think that having someone pass on some encouragement (particularly when you may feel like you are in the middle of a sorting and ordering project that is never ending) would be great!

If you are perhaps having to engage in one of those necessary, but not-so-pleasant deep clean jobs (like cleaning the oven), encouragement and inspiration can be so beneficial!

At present, I am focusing on overhauling the kitchen area in our home.

Often referred to as the heart of the home, the kitchen seems as good a place as any to start with. I really want to review the household logistics we have implemented to date in the kitchen, in order to obtain perhaps even greater workable function there.

Being such a central component of everyday life, due to various tasks being carried out and completed there (for instance: meal preparation, preparing lunchboxes, writing up menus and shopping lists, doing bulk cooking for the freezer, etc...), it seems very fitting to tackle and overhaul the systems and routines specific to the kitchen first.

I plan to document, via this newly established blog, any changes that can and will be made.

I know first-hand how it can seem at times that a sorting, reorganizing and deep cleaning job is a never ending task! So this is where encouragement comes in.....

I am extending an invitation to everyone reading this blog, to join me over the next little while and commit to engaging in your own Project: Kitchen.

How it works: You can leave a comment attached to this particular blog post to register your interest in focusing on making-over the organization of your household's kitchen area.

You might also like to consider also joining in in order to do a seasonal deep clean in that particular area of your home.

You do whatever you feel is needed and appropriate to do.

Every couple of days, I will share via a blog post something that I have worked on the kitchen area. You in turn can choose to work on that area also, if you wish to do so.

You are welcome to share via a comment, how you are going with the overhauling and/or deep cleaning in your kitchen. You can even include some photographs if you wish to do so.

Sometimes knowing someone else is working on the same project, around the same time, can be just the encouragement and motivation needed.

Once the task is done, it can also be nice to have some positive affirmation given also.

Sounds great!

So who wants to join in? Who also is ready to tackle their own Project:Kitchen?


  1. Looking good so far, and I see you managed to get your tea towels!

  2. Hi Jen. Am enjoying the progress being made in the kitchen area also - thanks for your encouragement. More blog posts coming soon, as Project:Kitchen gets under way.