Encouragement Series (PART 2): Intentional & Purposeful Encouragement

Encouragement according to John C Maxwell is oxygen for the soul. Encouragement is indeed soul food particularly in challenging times. It is intentional and purposeful in trying to offer something of greater lightness of being and a source of additional courageous energy, when there may in fact be a current shortage of one or both.

Encouragement is a powerful thing. It is an active and engaging action. It is focused on being productive and positive in it's intention, whether bestowed on oneself or extended to another. 

Encouragement is purposeful, in order to uplift and cheer. Encouragement extends support. It expresses and indicates confidence towards the receiver being able to exercise, in some measure, that which is part and parcel of being their very best selves regardless of actual circumstances. 

Encouragement aims to provide an experience of offering and receiving hope. Encouragement is heartening. It is a source of cheer. 

Encouragement works towards proactively stimulating activity and it aims to offer help towards the renewing of both figurative and literal energy, whilst walking through your current journey as best you possibly can. 

Encouragement at its core endeavours to nurture the keeping of a positive and open belief that there is opportunity available, even when all may seem very bleak and dark currently. 

Encouragement at its primary root is focused on inspiring courage and hope. Encouragement seeks to encourage the pursuit of the purposeful and also the constructive.

Encouragement seeks to seek out that which still offers in some measure a contribution towards maintaining overall healthy and good wellbeing, whilst even in the thick of hard times.

It can take considerable courage and focus to see opportunity in challenging times, and that is very much where encouragement comes into very powerful play.
Courage, encouragement, worth and confidence are things we can soon discover WE in fact need to retain greater personal power over; particularly when things are far from what and where we would wish them to be.
Sometimes the only effective source of encouragement proves to be that forged deep within the marrow of ourselves. We find that we have to choose to be intentional, to be purposeful, in nurturing the very courage needed to hold it together within ourselves, and therefore solely for and by ourselves.
Being intentional, being purposeful, endeavouring to seek and find opportunity, no matter what is occurring, comes about ultimately best from within the realm of one's best and better self.
What we externally have literal influence over sometimes might be very small, yet what occurs internally on the stage of our mind, when it comes to guarding the direction our thoughts take, is totally still always within our influence. 
Encouragement is very much oxygen for the soul, particularly in challenging and difficult times. We must therefore audit regularly the thoughts, words and actions we are embracing and exercising, in relation to ourselves as well as to others, particularly in troubling times. 
We need to offer and practise encouragement intentionally and purposefully, as best we can, from within the best and better part of ourselves, as encouragement is a powerful and enabling source of courage during challenging times.
Encouragement. It has wonderful and endearing intentions, and it is extremely effective when exercised very intentionally and very purposefully. 
Encouragement is a valuable gift we can not only freely choose to give to others, but it is also one we are wise to exercise within and towards our very selves.
Encouragment is oxygen for the soul? Yes indeed it is. Like oxygen, encouragement offers the release of productive energy, the ability to carry on and travel through pain and hardship as best we can, as well receive an opportunity to achieve healing. 
Encouragement is oxygen for the soul? Yes indeed, particularly in challenging and difficult times.