Toxicity.... it kills.

The human body by all accounts is a hard working, finely tuned machine.  For most of us we take its daily operation and function predominately for granted. We get up, we begin our day, we travel along through it and at the end of the day we settle down to once again begin the cycle of sleeping then getting up all over again.

For a good portion of humanity, we each take this fleshly vessel we have, called a human body, pretty much for granted. 

A good portion of us take the human body that is ours and how it works and functions for granted. 

A good number of us go about our day and we expect our body to do exactly what we desire it to do, in and at any given moment, and we have the lucky privilege to believe all is indeed well body-wise and therefore health-wise.

A good, fair percentage of human beings live, breathe and get to carry on and do whatever we each please each and every single day, with the aid of this hard working, finely tuned, seemingly healthy machine made directly available to each of us and which we call the human body.

Like any machine, over time wear and tear, as well as use and abuse, do begin to exhibit themselves and therefore manifest in and on the human body. 

We are however over time (be it short or long) going to be delivered, via Natural Law kicking in, all the consequences of how we have gone about choosing to look after the fleshly, mortal human vessel and machine that we each sleep, eat and walk around in.

Harm, injury and death are guaranteed to kick in at some point as part of living as a human being.

Harm, injury and death are most definitely part & parcel of being human, according to all the statistics that have ever existed. 

For all its wonder, the human body is however both a working machine and also an incredibly complex chemical structure. 

It is a chemical structure carefully balanced and carefully ordered, and like all chemical structures each molecular component needs to stay in good working and functioning position and order.

Whatever we each expose our human body has an effect on it. 

Whatever we each unknowingly expose our human body to also has an effect on it. 

As a mass of carefully knitted together chemicals, the human body when exposed to other outside chemicals (and lets face it, everything within the universe is made up of chemicals) is repeatedly always potentially exposed to harm and therefore harmful effects.

We each travel along on our individual life journey with our bodies always trying to dodge off the bullet of toxicity. 

We are all travelling through life for the most part completely unaware of what goes on at a molecular level to keep our human body functioning, working and therefore living.

Yet the human body, regardless of whether it is asleep or awake, is always battling against harm, injury and death at the hand of toxicity deep down at a chemical and molecular level. This is our human reality, regardless of whether we are truly aware of the absolute importance of all that is unseen at a molecular level within the human body or not. Within the time and space that is experienced within any given human lifetime, the battle around how toxic the human body is is in fact being fought, all the time, unceasingly. 

At a chemical level, at a deep, unseen molecular level, this battle over toxicity, over the ability for balance and equilibrium within the human body, is one that is constantly occurring. 

Whether we each as individual persons choose to directly acknowledge it or not, we are walking around as a finely tuned combination of chemicals, a finely tuned immensely complex molecular structure, trying to hold it together against other outside chemicals and minuscule molecular particles. 

This battle at a chemical level centres around this state of being in balance, this state of being in perfect equilibrium and therefore being in calm, perfect order. 

Toxicity, when it kicks in, causes imbalance and disorder to occur which in turn causes harm, injury and eventually destruction and therefore death to occur. 

Harm, injury and death are guaranteed to take effect at some point in time on us humans beings. Just when it kicks in for each of us, this ultimate outcome of dysfunction, disorder, destruction..... that is the ultimate, often yet unknown question.

Toxicity sets in place the degrading of the human body. It gradually and steadily aims to degrade chemical molecular structures. It degrades and it attacks the core molecular essence of being.

There are the classic signs of toxicity that we have all become very accustomed to seeing and experiencing and which we deem to be called ageing. 

If we pause for a moment and really consider how ageing comes about, the realisation does eventually kick in that ageing is in fact a literal manifestation of reaction to wear and tear, to harm and injury, and therefore toxicity is playing out its purpose. Ageing is most definitely experienced at the hand of where we are each at, specifically in relation to our body's toxicity levels.

Humankind as a whole has come to understand it is perfectly normal for all human beings to eventually succumb to harm, to injury, to death. We expect at some point our human bodies to manifest the ultimate sign of dysfunction, disorder, deconstruction occurring; we expect to see and experience death.

We not only have come to expect death, we have come to accept death, as part and parcel of human life. 

We have come to expect that the human body will eventually succumb to all it has been negatively subjected to, within any given human life time. We have come to expect a lifetime of toxicity to finally win the battle. Even if we do not actually directly name toxicity as being the reason for human death, but focus alternatively on it being named as liver damage, or heart failure, or some other tissue or organ malfunction instead, the reality is that it is toxicity that has in fact killed.

Drinking water that contains lead is known to cause harm, injury and death. 

Being exposed to fumes from cars and vehicles repeatedly over time is known to cause harm, injury and death. 

Eating food laced with chemicals that are by nature inorganic and artificially and synthetically manufactured is known to cause harm, injury and death. 

Both in the short and the long term, food and anything which contains toxins and is taken internally into the human body causes these very results.

Regardless of whether an individual knows or does not know the chemical makeup of what they are being exposed to, the ability for harm, for injury and for death are in no way lessened because toxicity has actually occurred. 

Ignorance does not invalidated the power of a toxin to do its work against the human body.

Ignorance does not invalidated the power of a toxic chemical to go about actively causing disorder, dysfunction and destruction. Toxicity does eventually harm, injure and kill.

Headaches, drowsiness, dizziness, weakness. a high temperature, diarrhoea, stomach pain, loss of appetite, feeling chilled and therefore wanting to shiver.... these are all deemed signs of the human body being in some measure out of equilibrium and out of balance. These have become commonly recorded negative manifestations of actual toxicity. 

Behavioural changes, skin irritations, they also over time manifest to show when some form of destructive toxicity is present. 

Toxicity leads always, when kept out of check, eventually to death. 

It is a great shame that we are not taught more transparently and more openly during our schooling years about toxicity, its causes and the actual warning signs of its presence. 

Why have we accepted the teaching given to us to simply keep masking a headache with pain relief? 

Why do we not seek to pause and consider the benefit instead of having a headache as a warning sign from the body that toxicity has and is in fact occurring, rather than choose to relief ourselves from the manifestation of pain it is causing? 

Why do we so often choose to not purposely and actively seek to detox and totally deal to and get rid of the underlying toxin behind the headache? 

Why have we so foolishly bought into believing it is okay to medicate and therefore mask the presence of a toxin so it stays present and secretly hidden, steadily and quietly continuing on its course of creating disfunction, disorder and destruction?

The human race has unfortunately unwittingly been dumbed down to not listen to what the human body is able to itself identify and state is occurring. 

The human race is bought into being told to get rid of manifestations, rather seek to solve toxicity at its root point and cause. 

We have been told to focus on manifestations and signs, and instead leave the root cause (the actual presence of toxicity) able to stay unwittingly present for that bit longer. 

We spend copious amounts of hard earned dollars on medications to relieve and mask manifestations and signs indicating toxicity is occurring, yet we foolishly avoid seeking to root out the actual causes once and for all. How sad that is.

We have gravely abandoned the intelligence of the actual human body to instead buy into an external lie that a sign of disorder and chemical imbalance being present is more important than the actual root cause of the disorder and imbalance that triggered a manifestation of pain or sickness in the first place. 

Toxicity harms, injure and kills and we humans reap the results of our individual lack of knowledge and therefore wisdom around toxicity and how it attacks the balance of the human body most unfortunately instead.

It is an incredibly great shame that so many people lack actual knowledge about how the human body is constantly up against a battle against toxicity. If they knew, it would literally save lives.

Although many of us know that the human body is made up of approximately 60 - 65% water, our understanding of how the human body needs to keep within a certain pH level in order to not be swayed by toxicity is just not for many people common knowledge! This is a great travesty.

We human beings become very much what we eat. We human beings become very much what we drink. We human beings become very much a mirror of what we are each exposed to 24 hours a day. We human beings are increasingly or decreasingly literally toxic, according to what we are allowing ourselves to be exposed to.

Retaining our right to informed consent, retaining our right to informed knowledge, aids us and keeps us safe and healthy and therefore literally less toxic at a chemical and molecular level. 

As we endeavour to navigate our way through our individual life time, all the while living within a fleshly human body, we each truly need to each be aware of what is toxic to the human body and what is also non-toxic and therefore a far better and safer option. 

Toxicity, when allowed to take hold is guaranteed to cause injury, it is guaranteed to cause harm, it is guaranteed to cause death. Yet too often, we dismiss what is known to cause toxicity and cling to a hope that somehow we will be lucky enough to dodge the very bullet being aimed at us.

It is truly up to each of us to choose to put the time, energy and effort in to gaining the necessary wisdom and knowledge to keep our finely tuned, vulnerable machine of a fleshly, human body in good, non-toxic pecking order.

Every human being has the right to choose to actively seek to be fully informed about what it is chemically we are additionally being exposed to in all spheres of life. 

Every human being surely also has the right to try to not be exposed to that which is harmful, injurious and therefore toxic to the human body.

Every human being should be freely able to ask questions and expect informative, truthful answers when wishing to know how truly and fully toxic something may or may not be. 

Surely, we should all be unanimously in agreement around each of these fundamental human rights?

Surely we should all be unanimously in agreement that both quality and quantity of life is a good thing to experience individually, and also collectively, as a species of living beings?

Toxicity.... it harms, it injures, it kills and that IS unquestionably a historically, scientifically and medically proven fact. 

It is up to each of us to do our part, for not only ourselves but others also. We need to keep toxicity best at bay, for the sake of all of humankind. May we each choose to actively seek to become wiser and more knowledgeable, for the sake of greater & better health and well-being, in the coming year.

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