Fun, Cheap or Free?

We've been talking lately as a household about the need to embrace and experience more fun, around the usual day to day work life and schooling life. It can be challenging and too easy as a household at times to get caught up in the mindset that to have fun, to really have an amazingly fun time and experience, you also need to have a lot of extra money coming in and onhand to achieve it.

Is it possible to have really great fun, to do significantly memorable fun things, without a lot of additional money being thrown into the mix?

Is it possible to experience fun and create significant memories that your kids will talk about many years from now, even though the budget is always limited, particularly if you are a single income household?

Is it truly possible to go out and have an awesomely cool and fun time, without breaking the piggy bank or constantly tripping up and down financially with the credit card in order to do so?

Over the next little while I think it would be a super interesting family challenge for us as a household to investigate just what options were out there. It is sure to be of some interest also to others in a similar budget and economic situation, to potentially follow along and see what options were found to exist.

It would be interesting for us as a household to investigate budget-friendly and frugal ways to experience more fun and memorable experiences, that weren't at all reliant on a whole lot of money being part or central to making it happen.

It would be particularly interesting to also see what could be out there that is significantly fun and enjoyable, yet cheap or free, within the footprint of our local community.

Fun. Is it really able to be enjoyed, carried out and had, without an open cheque book being required or the inevitable sliding up and down of finances on a credit card?

Perhaps another challenge project, (a bit like The $1,000 Project), needs to be proposed.............

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