The $1,000 Plan: Day Twenty-Four

It's Day Twenty-Four of The $1,000 Plan and today I wanted to share some words of encouragement. Words of encouragement give so much. They are what lift us from feeling down & discouraged, and often they give us in a timely fashion just what we need: further courage.

The $1,000 Plan was and is a plan to achieve a financial breakthrough over a 4 - 6 week timeframe. Encouragement is a valuable tool to achieve such a goal. Here are several key points of encouragement that I wanted to share via today's blogpost:

Continue to work faithfully away at that which you have put your hand to. 
Perseverance makes a huge difference towards achieving a desired outcome. Practising perseverance, is key to aiding your mindset see abundance and positive change come to fruition. You've got this. Keep going. Do keep persevering.

Remember the value of being part of a community. When we contribute and give to others, we in turn are often given just what is needed also. By sharing from our abundance, we bless others. When they in turn share with us, we are also all the more richer. 

Be open to seeing where you are already experiencing abundance and blessing. Be at peace about being generous and share where you can with those who are your community. Joy is sure to be a reward for your courage, your kindness and your generosity.

Dream and visions often get worked out, step by step, by putting on diligence daily. Be conscientious, be earnest and keep up the good work needed, regardless of how little progress you may currently see. 

Wintertime on the surface looks to be a time with little happening. Yet deep inside, hidden away, each and every tree is about to be fully ready for Springtime. 

Likewise, you may not think you see anything like the end result being about to happen just yet, but you are most definitely on the journey to it coming about. Keep on with keeping on. You have got this.

Guard your mindset. Guard your thoughts as well as your words and actions. Do not let others discourage you with their lack of vision and their focus on limitations. A positive mindset is a healthy mindset. 

When you want a financial breakthrough, there is no room for a poverty mentality to be in control of the steering of your mind. Seek out that which will buoy you over, seek that which will keep you working steadily away at your goal, and what will keep you on target for your plan. 

The $1,000 Plan is the $1,000 Plan, it is not a plan for anything less. Embrace those constructive steps that will aid you. Make changes where you need to, and persist with what is working well. A breakthrough can be achieved. 

It is my hope that the above words of encouragement may be a source of inspiration for anyone perhaps also seeking to work on achieving a financial breakthrough now, or at some other point soon.

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