The $1,000 Plan: Day Ten

With the $1,000 Plan well & truly underway in our household, we have been mindful of making changes where we can, as well as making the most of opportunities where and when they present themselves.

One thing that has stood out significantly, has been how valuable being part of and having community is. It makes such a difference having a network of people around you, be it family, friends, neighbours or acquaintances.

Over the past week, community has played a role in helping us make progress on our savings goal. By sharing our surplus, and also having others share with us from their surplus, we have experienced blessing.

My husband was asked by a neighbour if he would take a look at their computer, as they were experiencing a problem with it. As he works in the IT industry and has skill in doing trouble-shooting and sorting out a range of glitches that can arise with electronic devices, he was happy to freely oblige and provide some practical assistance and support. 

On seeing the issue resolved, he was the happy recipient of some homemade jelly preserve, plus a platter of deliciously prepared sausages, all given to him as a gesture of thanks and appreciation. 

What a wonderful blessing when we each can give what is needed, or would be valued & appreciated, to each other's households, simply by being friendly & neighbourly!

Today, on dropping off the children to their horse-riding lessons, their instructor kindly passed on to us a bucket containing beautiful, homegrown kumara (sweet potatoes), and we in turn passed over on pickup the very same bucket containing surplus feijoas from our backyard garden. How lovely it is to be able to give homegrown garden goodness, when and where we each can!

How wonderful being part of community truly is! When we are able to exchange what is our surplus, or what we no longer require with others around us, it blesses, encourages and makes such a difference for the receiver.

Be it a container of surplus fruit or surplus vegetables, a platter of sausages, a bundle of pre-loved clothing children have outgrown, a much needed hand with getting a task completed..... it all can make a difference on the financial front, and help us make breakthroughs where they are needed.

Too often, we buy into the falsehood that we have to keep, have to hold on to our surplus 'just-in-case.' The truth of the matter is, we are so much wealthier & so much more better off when we share and give freely, that which is abundant & surplus within our own lives.

Fear and anxiety can rob us of actually experiencing abundance. When we hold on too tightly and worry over not meeting our needs, we may miss out on just that very opportunity that may avail us of having ample and variety come our way.

Community, being part of it and contributing to creating it, makes all the difference both practically and figuratively, when it comes to living life with joy. I highly recommend making an effort to build a greater sense of community with those around you and who cross your path day by day.

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