The $1,000 Plan: Day Eight

It is Day Eight of The $1,000 Plan to save $1,000 over the next 4 - 6 weeks. Today I thought I would revisit one of the budget-friendly cleaning products I am now using and have found does help our household out on the savings front. 
Several months ago I shared on the Household Logistics Youtube Channel a recipe we were trialling for making homemade dishwasher tablets.

We have now been using these daily and we have been really pleased with the results. Each time the dishwasher is used, we also add some white vinegar alongside the dishwasher tablets, and this has helped ensure there is no additional build up or residue left within the dishwasher.

I highly recommend investigating how to make your own cleaning products, like dishwashing tablets. Making these from scratch has proven to be very budget-friendly for our household. It has worked well budget-wise and also health-wise. When it comes to trying to save as much as you can, payday to payday, making your own meals and your own cleaning products can be very conducive to reaching your hoped for savings goal.

I hope in the coming weeks to investigate how to make other particular day to day household cleaners, as it may well prove to also be that there are some other alternatives that would prove to work better on the financial front for our household. I will keep you posted as to how my investigating goes.

In the meantime, here is the link to the video for those who are interested in finding out how I did make budget-friendly dishwashing tablets, and what recipe was used: Dishwashing Tablets....We Made Them!

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