Linen Cupboard Organization

My most recent home organization project has been focused on the linen cupboard. Over the summer, my husband has been very busy painting the interior of our home. After he recently painted the interior of the hall linen cupboard and put the shelves back in place, it was a good opportunity to reorganize this particular storage area.

How I went about reorganizing this storage area is the subject focus of the latest video over at the Household Logistics Youtube Channel. In this video I share how I went about organizing a range of items, including bath linens (bath towels, face cloths, bath mats, etc), plus such bedroom related items as pillowcases, bed sheets, blankets, etc.

Here is the direct link to this week's video: Linen Cupboard Organization. If you would like to see other videos on the channel that specifically focus on organizing, please give this video a thumbs up, as it lets me know that it is a video subject that people have really liked. Thanks!

You can also subscribe to the channel so you get direct notification each time a new video is posted. This latest video is all about organizing an area of the home that can benefit from a little help to keep it orderly and tidy.... I  hope some of the ideas shared may be helpful.

Happy home-making, Everyone!

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