Motorhomes & Beachfronts

We have become more & more interested in looking at the option of buying a motorhome and taking a road trip through New Zealand as a family. Taking the children on a road trip to literally see their homeland, and all the various significant historical and geographical places we could so easily just read about, seems like such a wonderful and special memory-making thing to do. Why not actually go and see and explore the actual sights and get a greater sense of what they are like!

Last Friday we went as a family to the Motorhome Caravan & Leisure Show that was being held over the weekend at Mystery Creek, just out of Hamilton. We felt that attending the show, with all the various exhibits and displays, would really help us with our decision-making, and what an informative and interesting show it was! We would highly recommend going to such an Expo, if you are at any point considering doing a road trip or buying a motorhome, trailer or caravan. It really was marvellous to see all the variety of on-road options, plus the range of items that were for sale to assist with on-the-road and camping life.

I have put together a video over at the Household Logistics Youtube Channel, which shares a number of the highlights from the day we spent looking at everything. There was such alot to see, and it truly was an informative event to go along to.

We also made a brief trip out on Sunday in the late afternoon to Sunset Beach which is a beautiful West Coast Beach in the Northern Waikato Region. This afternoon outing is also shared a little in the vlog.

You can check out the vlog via the following link: Household Logistics: Motorhomes & Beachfronts. Feel free to subscribe to the Channel, so you can keep up to date with what is posted over there. If you enjoy the video about the Motorhome Show please give it a thumbs up also!

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