Recipe: Kiwifruit Chutney

Kiwifruit Chutney is a delicious chutney and it really adds something to grilled cheese. It is our favourite chutney, as it is sweet and does not have a strong vinegar taste.

Here is the recipe if you would like to make your own - it really is very yummy!

Kiwifruit Chutney:

1/2 cup Salt

1 Kg Golden Kiwifruit
1 Small Cauliflower
2 Tbsp Mustard Powder
1/4 cup Cornflour
1/4 cup Plain Flour
3 Onions
3 Carrots
3 Celery Sticks
1 Kg Sugar
1 Dsp Tumeric Powder
1 Dsp Curry Powder
3/4 Litre White Vinegar


Chop all fruit and vegetables finely and sprinkle with salt.
Cover and leave overnight.
In the morning, strain and cover with fresh water, boil until tender.
Strain water off.
Add vinegar, sugar and spices, and bring to boil, stir until sugar is dissolved.
Thicken with cornflour and flour using a little more of the vinegar to mix together.
Simmer to thicken. Bottle.

Note: You can use any vegetables you have available at the time to make up the appropriate volume, according to my mother-in-law.

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