A Helpful Tip For Protecting Your Valuables

Do you live in New Zealand and have valuables & assets you wish to protect? Anyone can choose to be proactive when it comes to their property. If you take time to record your valuables and their serial numbers, etc, there is a greater chance they will be returned to you, should they ever be lost or stolen.
A particular helpful tip I was told recently by a Neighbourhood Support Co-ordinator, was to take the time to engrave your valuables or trade tools with your Driver's Licence serial number. What a great idea! Here in New Zealand there is the option of safeguarding your property by using SNAP (Serial Number Action Partnership).
SNAP is a simple way for everyday New Zealanders to protect their important possessions.The purpose of SNAP is to prevent burglary, property offending and the trade of stolen property in New Zealand. SNAP encourages you to record the serial numbers of your important possessions or assets on the SNAP.org.nz website.
SNAP allows you to have a list ready at hand, to hand on to Police or your insurance company should you need to do so, some time in the future. SNAP is 100% FREE. How fantastic is that! It is secure and only you can access your asset list.
Take time to be proactive and protect your assets and property. It is worth it, Friends. Check out the SNAP website at www.snap.org.nz .

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