My Backyard

It is great when cuttings take! I recently struck several cuttings provided by a neighbour, and these were ones that took. There is something so happy about Impatience flowers. They bring such a wonderful splash of colour to a garden.

So many things are fruiting in the garden, and others are going about producing seed. When you stop and take note of all the diverse forms seed pods take, they are really quite interesting to behold.

A pot of plums. It just says 'Summer', doesn't it? We have been enjoying sampling them, and I am keen to look at making some plum jam soon also. This season we have had a lovely crop of plums.

It is just such a source of joy to wander out into the garden, reach up amongst a green canopy of leaves and find fruit ready for picking. There really is nothing quite like homegrown fruit, ready and ripened, and straight off the tree.

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