My Backyard: Beautiful Beetroot

What a delight to find this huge beetroot present in the garden! Finding produce like this is just such a blessing. Seeing produce like this result, truly warms your heart when you have put such a lot of your heart into growing your own food.

Composting, mulching, companion planting, seed saving, working with the needs of particular crops, and embracing a completely earth-friendly gardening practice, via the Back to Eden Gardening Method, all took some research for our household to come to grips with. Yet, now we are seeing such wonderful rewarding results, time and time again.

The taste of spray-free produce is just so wonderful. With thick mulching across garden beds, water content increases also, so that the resulting fruit, vegetables and herbs are just so much more succulent. With less than 600 square metres to work within, our household can testify that you simply do not need a farm sized property to produce good, wholesome food crops.

Seeing produce like this huge beetroot present in our garden is truly a delight. We highly recommend taking what steps you can towards growing your own food, in a completely earth-friendly fashion. We sincerely encourage you to embrace the Garden of Eden methodology for growing your own food crops. The results speak for themselves. Go for it.

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